Accessibility Statement


We are working hard to make this website accessible to a wide audience and ensure a better experience for all users. Please feel free to read the rest of the information on this page for greater detail about the accessibility features of our website, or send us a comment. We encourage all feedback and will endeavour to continue to improve our website's accessibility for all.

Standards Compliance

We strive to maintain conformance to W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
The public pages on this site meet the criteria for Level A compliance with WCAG guidelines.
These pages have also been validated for compliance with W3C CSS (cascading style sheets) and XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

Access Keys

Access keys to allow the user to use a combination of ALT or CNTRL with the access key letter or number which jumps the user to the appropriate. Our website access keys are:

a – Accessibility Policy and Keys
h – Home Page
n – News
c – Contact Us
p - Productions
e - Education 


All links on the website can be accessed by using the TAB key, in order of importance.
In cases where a link does not fully describe the target, the link contains a title describing it in greater detail.
Where possible, links have been written to clearly identify the content they will take the user to.
All links are visual consistent and easily identifiable.


All content images include descriptive ALT attributes. Purely decorative graphics include null ALT attributes.
The ALT attribute on an image clearly defines either the purpose or nature of the image as appropriate.
Where necessary, images that require longer descriptive text have a link to that content using the LONGDESC attribute.

Visual Design

Headings are at least 18px and have a contrast ratio of 3:1.
Body text is 14px and has a contrast ratio of 4.5:1
Fonts in general are defined in relative percentages or em units.
Colour is not the only means of emphasis or differentiation for important content.
All visual style is contained in external CSS files so the content can be viewed separately.
Text and images are given ample surrounding clear space.
Images containing text are not used.
Text is not justified.