InMotion May/June events

We have 3 InMotion events on offer in May and June to celebrate our 20th anniversary year.

1. Pimp My Wheels! – free family day

2. See The Artists at work

3. The InMotion Parade


Pimp My Wheels! – free family day

Sat May 27 | 10am – 4pm | Shed 10, Queens Wharf 

Bring the family down for an awesome and illuminating free day out at Shed 10. Fully accessible.

  • Get expert help and ideas to pimp your wheels
  • See performances by world famous illuminated man, Vospertron
  • Learn about Matariki and the night sky
  • Take part in cool hands-on science activities
  • Have a go on loads of bikes and wheelchairs

See The Artists at work

2 – 10 June | 10am – 4pm | The Cloud

Come and see the Wellington’s artists collective Lucid Dream Bike hard at work on 7 unique illuminated bike floats for our parade. As the week progresses the floats will begin to take shape. Pop in as many times as you like, our artists like the company!

The InMotion Parade

Sat June 10 | 6.30pm | The Cloud  Getting there button

Bring friends and family down to the waterfront to take part in Auckland’s first-ever illuminated bike parade! A free event for every one of all ages and abilities.

1)      Dust off your wheels – whether it be a bike, scooter, skateboard, wheelchair or stroller

2)      Have some fun pimping your wheels with fairy lights, bike lights, torches and tinsel,

3)      Head down to the Cloud with your wheels for 6.30pm to join the fun!

As the route winds along the waterfront, music and performances will light the way and fantastic illuminated bike floats will be riding with you.  The Route

The ride culminates at Silo Park with a short, spectacular  performance and a hot chocolate or a mulled wine for purchase. 





Monday, 15 May, 2017