Loss of our beloved studio

At the end of January 2016 we will be moving out of our beloved Sandringham studio.

The studio has been a solid base for nearly four years, providing us with a safe and valuable creative space that has enabled the company to develop new exciting products, and engage with a diversity of people and community participants.


Despite recent fundraising efforts, regrettably, we could not meet the required two-year rental term and the landlord now has a new tenant who has committed to five years. 

Sadly, this is the commercial reality in Auckland’s property market.


We are now seeking a new home. We do not yet know where it will be or how long it will take, but please be assured we will do our best to ensure there is minimal interruption to our scheduled community and youth classes, albeit they will be in a different location.

We appreciate this news is a surprise, and disappointing. 


If anyone is aware of suitable space for hire and also appropriate storage for our stage, costumes and equipment please contact Catherine, Karen or Juliet.

 I am sure there are more exciting opportunities ahead and in the meantime enjoy the studio and plan to be at our Christmas get-together at 3.30pm on Saturday 5 December.

Thursday, 12 November, 2015