Encompass Education Programme

Encompass is a Touch Compass brand that includes classes, workshops and training opportunities for tutors, youth, community and schools. 

ENCOMPASS aims to:

  • Provide inclusive dance programmes that are open to anyone who wants to dance
  • Enable dancers to discover their own creativity, expression, and self-confidence
  • Build the skills of practitioners necessary for sustainable employment
  • Offer professional development for teachers of inclusive and mainstream dance
  • Raise society's awareness and understanding of inclusive dance
  • Present stage performances that are enjoyable, challenging and memorable
“The whole dance and workshop was simply amazing and inspiring, I would love to do another.”

“After this workshop I will think differently about what dance is.”

“One thing I will remember is to be different, try new things.”
— Student comments

Individual tutor training can be arranged and tailored to suit your needs. Whether you’re a private dance teacher, school dance teacher, or just want to learn about contact improvisation or inclusive dance teaching techniques we can shape sessions to meet your needs.

To enquire about booking a Touch Compass workshop for children, youth or adults please Contact us.