Integr8 Dance Crew

Society is diverse. So are our classes. How cool is that?

Lock, pop and hip hop with Touch Compass Dance Co. Open to everyone, if you have a disability or not it makes no difference to us - everyone can Hip Hop!
When: Saturdays with Colette
           28th July to 8th September
           10.00-10.40am Kids (Primary age)
           10.45-11.30am Youth (Intermediate/High School)
Venue: The Wilson Centre Rec Hall, 1 St Leonards Road, Hauraki
Cost: $100 per term (can pay weekly/casually)

*** Term 3 Special Offer - 2 for 1 ***

Bring along a friend or sibling who is new to the class and you pay half each! (* sorry but carer support cannot be accepted on the 2 for 1 offer)

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Name of Participant
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2 for 1 Participant
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