RUN Dance Education Resource for Schools

Touch Compass has produced a comprehensive NCEA dance education resource based on international choreographer Marc Brew’s engaging and challenging work RUN.

RUN is ideal for NCEA study with its clear intention, development, resolution and unity. It is also of interest and relevance at tertiary levels.

This integrated unit of learning is targeted to meet the needs of teachers for these revised internal and external dance standards:

  • 1.5 Demonstrate understanding of a dance performance
  • 2.7 Provide an interpretation of a dance performance with supporting evidence
  • 3.7 Analyse a dance performance

Learning and internal assessment resources endorsed by the National Moderator for Dance for:

  • 2.6 Demonstrate understanding of a range of choreographic processes
  • 2.1 Choreograph a group dance to communicate an intention
  • 2.2 Choreograph a solo dance to communicate an intention
  • 3.2 Choreograph a dance to develop and resolve ideas

Includes new information for:

  • 3.2 Choreograph a dance to develop and resolve ideas
  • 3.6 Demonstrate understanding of performance practices

The resource includes a DVD with full-length work, exam excerpt and interviews with dancers and the composer and rehearsal director.

Cost: $150 + GST

Contact us today to order your copy of the Run education resource. 

The RUN education resource comes with four really useful assessment resources for Level 2-3 standards. These internal assessment resources are great. They are thorough without being too lengthy and all clearly meet the requirements of the national standards. RUN internal assessment resources are really user-friendly and interesting and it’s useful for teachers to have another resource for 2.6.
— National Moderator, Melanie Klaassen