Touch Compass Privacy Policy
Kaupapa here me ngā tikanga o Touch Compass

Touch Compass, through the course of operations including this website, collects, uses and stores a range of personal information provided by individuals and/or their representatives which is subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act 2020.

Touch Compass's collection and use of personal information is necessary for a range of organisational administrative activities, including the processing of payments and receiving of funds.

Touch Compass ensures compliance with the objectives, principles and provisions of the Privacy Act. Compliance with the Privacy Act in respect of personal information is part of the our duty to treat our people fairly and reasonably.

The Privacy Act is built around the Information Privacy Principles (IPPs). These IPPs establish comprehensive, non-prescriptive guidelines on the way in which personal information is to be treated.

An up-to-date summation of the Principles and how they apply to organisations and individuals can be found at this link

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