Touch Compass is New Zealand’s only professional inclusive dance company, forming the points where disabled and non-disabled dancers meet, on the floor and in mid-air. Specialising in aerial work and dance-theatre, our performances draw from Contact Improvisation, a dance practice that emerged out of the ’70s and has been taken to spectacular realms in the 2000s.

We've been challenging perceptions about what dance is and who can do it since 1997. One of only 22 arts organisations to receive recurrent Creative New Zealand funding, our ground-breaking performances have won national and international acclaim. Social change is what we’re all about.

In fact this year is our 20th anniversary and we have some exciting projects lined up so watch this space.

We invite you to challenged yourself, by checking out our work or coming to one of our performances. 


Touch Compass not only envisages a seamless society, we actively seek it out.

An inclusive dance company comprising both disabled and non-disabled dancers, we challenge perceptions of what dance is and who can do it. Touch Compass views diverse physicality as a creative springboard, rather than a wall that needs to be overcome. We're dancing towards an accessible society in which the creative talents of all members can be fully realised. That's why we work with acclaimed international choreographers such as Carol Brown, Jeremy Nelson and Marc Brew; people who share our belief that visual language in motion is a powerful way to blow outdated social constructs to pieces. Especially when it knocks your socks off.

We invite you to have your own socks taken care of, by checking out our work, joining our Facebook community or attending an upcoming performance.